Apr 23, 2010

”Ousia Weaver", mash-up tool automatically generates web site aggregating data on web

Studio Ousia released Ousia Weaver, which generates web site aggregating contents and data on web. Studio Ousia is researching and developing three technologies. The first is keyword semantic recognition technology, which recognizes attributes and meanings of keywords of 1.7 million of English and 400 thousands of Japanese. The second is keyword mark-up technology, which extracts keywords demonstrates using the keyword semantic recognition technology. The third is contents aggregation and editing technology, which generates mash-up contents aggregating contents on web using API provided by those web sites owners. Ousia Weaver is production of the third technology.

An example of using the tools is to develop web site for analyst analyzing a specific company showing the company's products, news, stock price and so on.

Studio Ousia targets business user. Currently it provides its demo site "Phroni".
The company was founded in 2007, and has been collaborating with Keio University.

CNET 4/22, 2010

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