Mar 10, 2011

GClue upgrades BLOCCO, Android apps integration tool /Venture Now

BLOCCO is an application platform which was released in 2010 July jointly developed with NTT Docomo. Users can link applications of Android to improve convenience of a smartphone. For example, BLOCCO allows users to develop an application which automatically search a route to the place registered on a scheduler application by linking scheduler application and route search applications.

With the upgrade, GClue added application sharing function among users. Users can use the applications which other users developed using BLOCCO. It also has been releasing applications linking with BLOCCO as additional plug-ins.

The most interesting thing for BLOCCO is its future vision. GClue aims to extend the application linkage to external devices, as follows. When a ringtone comes, it automatically mutes volume of TV, or when you wake up, it opens blinds and boils water. These will be possible when Android-based appliances spread in houses.

Venture Now 3/9/2011

  • GClue has focused on mobile application development since its launch in 2001. Currently it focuses on iPhone and Android.

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