May 31, 2012

Social Trip Service, trippiece Partners With Opt Raising Several Tens of Millions Yen / Venture Now

The amount is not disclosed but is considered to be several tens of millions yen. ...
The startup plans to use natural language processing technology of Opt to improve usability and also to strengthen sales force. ...

trippiece was founded at Mar 31, 2011 to operate a platform which allows users to plan and share travel plan and experience. It fundraised seed money from Samurai Incubate Fund II on May, 2011. Also it raised 5 million yen from MOVIDA JAPAN in this January. ...

Venture Now 5/31/2012 [jp]

  • Opt is one of the largest Internet advertising agencies in Japan. It has acquired or invested in several startups, however these are mostly related advertising technology. It would be relatively rare case to invest in pure B2C services.

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