Dec 5, 2013

[Sd] Japan-based restaurant finder app Retty raises $3.2M

Tokyo-based Retty, the startup behind the restaurant finder app of the same name, announced today that it has raised 330 million yen (approximately $3.2 million) in a series B round from Itochu Ventures, Mizuho Capitalm, and other investors. Prior to this round, the company raised $22 million yen ($285,000) from CyberAgent Ventures and an angel investor back in August of 2011, and 100 million yen ($1.2 million) from Gree Ventures, NTT Investment Partners, and Mitsubishi UFJ Capital back in October of 2012. ...
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Sd 12/2/2013 [en]

  • Retty reached 1 million monthly users in October. The service adds social aspects to allow users to view restaurant reviews from their friends or other users who they trust or have similar taste.   

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