Mar 14, 2014

[e27] CyberAgent Ventures invests in Korean app developer Woowa Bros

CyberAgent Ventures has announced that it has made a US$0.5 million investment in Woowa Brothers, the developer of popular Korean food delivery app Baedalui Minjok. 
This investment is part of a US$12 million round that includes other investors such as Altos Ventures and IMM Investment. According to a report by Platum, the factors that made Woowa Bros so attractive to investors include its total sales of around US$9.4 million in the past three years, as well as its pole position among food delivery apps in Korea, capturing 60 per cent of the market, with over 10 million downloads in total. ...
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e27  3/10/2014 [en]

  • CyberAgent Ventures is developing its network around Asia including China and South East Asia. The network must be attractive for start-ups located in Asia aiming to expand to other Asian countries.

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