Mar 29, 2010

Busica for iPhone, business card application for iPhone

Busica Business System started selling business application for iPhone called "Busica for iPhone" on AppStore. The price is 350 yen.

"Busica for iPhone"allows users to record and manage business card data with iPhone. Busica Business System, who has know-how of business card management solution, is in charge of planning and project management, and Enjoblink developed the application. The Maximum number of records is 2000 of business cards and 2000 of notes.

As a distinctive function, it has notes independent of business card management, which enables to relate a note like a business report and a business card data.

The application is mainly targeted for business persons. Since there are already many users who manages business card on PC, the company started distributing free software, "Busica Porter" for PC, which synchronizes data of business cards and notes between PC and iPhone.

Venture Now 3/26, 2010

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