Mar 25, 2010

Social game is booming

DeNA raised up earnings forecast because of strong sales of items in social games such as "kaito Royal".

Tachibana Securities explained status of social game providers in its report published at 19th of March.

[ngigroup, TSE Mothers] 
ngigroup has attracted 800,000 users in its quiz game, "Hakushiki series", released at the end of January for mixi and DeNA's mobage. Follwing "Minna no konchu collection" has 100,000 registered users.
Also, it established 4 of "Applie fund" to support application developer to capitalize.

[Vector, OSE Hercules]
"koisuru watashi no oujisama" for mixi mobile and "Koiken!" for mobage are increasing the number of users.

[Cave, OSE Hercules]
A racing game, "Mini yonku" and a simulation game, "Shirotsuku" together have attracted 1 million users.

[Drecom, TSE Mothers]
 "Happy aquarium" for mixi has become profitable by attracting 400,000 unique users. In mobage-town, "Game studio monogatari" is steadily growing revenue. Its total application revenue is 1 million yen per day.

Nihon Securities Journal, 3/23, 2010

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