Jun 7, 2011

C2C E-commerce selling Japanese goods to overseas, FlutterScape raised 60M yen /TechCrunch Japan

FlutterScpae conducted its second seed round fundraising. Investors for the 60 million yen include Nippon Venture Capital (lead investor), ngi group, and Innovation Engine. In the last August, the startup raised 25 million yen from Digital Garage, Netprice, and Aucfan.

FlutterScape lets sellers in Japan sell Japanese goods to buyers in foreign countries. Currently it has 1500 sellers and 7000 buyers. Surprisingly, it has 230,000 fans of its Facebook Pages.

According to CEO, Mr. Kakiyama, the company will add communication service to allow users to share photos of goods they are interested in like Tumblr, on which sellers can place Buy button. Other new functions are also planned. ...

TechCrunch Japan 6/7/2011

  • FlutterScape was founded on 2010 March. It has four employees now.

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