May 30, 2011

Blue Note raises seed money to realize government 2.0 /Venture Now

Blue Note revealed that it raises seed money from Samurai Incubate Fund2. Blue Note was founded at April 4 of 2011. It aims to realize government 2.0 with the capital.

Government 2.0 is a concept about communication of highly transparent and social information, which was proposed by Tim O'Reilly. For the first step to enable politicians and citizens communicating smoothly, it launches mypolicy, which allows users to send a post of Twitter/Facebook to a specified politician by FAX which many politicians are still using. ...

From June, it plans to distribute free dedicated accounts for politicians, which lets them checking posts to themselves in real-time and putting out information regarding their political activities.

Venture Now 5/30/2011

  • There are very few startups related with politics. It would be an appropriate timing now when a lot of political issues are gathering attention.

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