May 10, 2011

EC Navi Ventures invests in Ubiregi, POS terminal system for iPad /Cent Japan

EC Navi Ventures, investing arm of EC Navi, announced that it invested in Ubiregi. The amount is not disclosed, but it is said to be several million yen.

Ubiregi is an application which allows to use iPad as a cash register with POS functions. In addition to basic functions such as input of checkout or customer profile, it enables to automatic counting, sales analysis by date or category, wireless receipt print using AirPrint feature of iOS. It charges 5,000 yen per months and does not need initial cost.

Cnet Japan 5/10/2011

  • It is interesting that consumer Internet services provider, EC Navi invests in business application. 
  • It would be more useful for business users if it combines credit card payment system for iPad.


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