May 28, 2011

Application version of DropBox, Synclogue enables to synchronize applications among multi PCs /Vernture Now

Joho Planet released beta version of Synclogue in Japanese and English, virtualization and synchronization service dedicated for Windows applications.

Synclogue allows users to share and synchronize applications installed in their own PC among multi PCs using its original virtualization technology as if using cloud.

It does not require network like cloud and users can use their own applications anywhere with the same configurations. It is easy to use Synclogue by just installing it  in a main PC and choose any Windows applications. And then it automatically virtualizes and uploads onto server. Only Synclogue is needed for other PCs.

The company says it is the first service synchronizing applications in the world. With its nature of the service, copy right issue must be controversial. The company will provide management tool for application developers to block the usage at server side. ...

Venture Now 5/25/2011

  • Joho Planet raised 24 million yen from ngi group in March.
  • The service will probably have several challenges including copy right issue, but it may have huge potential like DropBox.

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