May 24, 2011

Milog raised 310M yen from Opt, Recruit and others /TechCrunch Japan

Milog raised 100M yen from Jafco just after its launch in 2009 February. At that time, Milog operates mini blog service called Milog, aiming at life-log SNS. After an year, it closed Milog and changed its business to m-police, web site monitoring tool to check inappropriate posts from users.

And then, for the third new business, it is now developing applications and services for Android. Milog released AndFriends which allows users to share information of applications installed in their Android devices, which now evolves to FriendApp.

Milog conducted the second fundraising. Investors are Opt, advertising agency, Recruit Incubation Partners, and VC Square, Opt's affiliate venture fund. With the capital, in addition to development of FriendApp, it launches AppReward, reward advertising platform for Android, partnering with Opt to acquire media.

Since AppReward allows to know what kind of applications users install, it enables, for example,  to display ads of games for users who install many game applications. ...

TechCrunch Japan 5/24/2011

  • AppReward is an interesting idea to monetize users' interest based on type of applications they installed. It will be a good advertising tool for application developers to target potential users.

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