Dec 5, 2011

Social Game Developer, gumi Raises 2B Yen /TechCrunch Japan

There are some large scale of fundraising of game developer recently. It is one of the largest one. Investors include Jafco, DBJ Capital, Shinsei Bank, Nissei Capital, Mitsubishi UFJ Capital and Tecmo Koei Holdings. The valuation at post money is 12 billion yen. ...

gumi seems doing very well recently. It released FIFA World Class Soccer jointly with EA last month, which becomes popular on Gree. According to CEO, Kunimitsu, a monthly revenue on November was 600 million yen, which will be double in December.


gumi aims IPO next year. It has raised 700 million yen before from several investors including ngi group, NTT Investment Partners, and Gree.

TechCrunch Japan 12/5/2011 [jp]

  • Recent large amount of fundraising of game developers include Vega (1B yen), One Of Them (300M yen), UEI (500M yen), and Aiming (1.2B yen).

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