Dec 13, 2011

Social Translation, Conyac Operator, Anydoor Raised Capital From ngi And Others / Cnet Japan

Anydoor announced that it allocates new shares to ngi Venture Community Fund and Skylight Consulting. The amount is about 32 million yen. ...

Anydoor was founded after winning the top prize at Kigyo Challenge 2009 organized by Skylight Consulting. ...

Conyac allows users to request translation to translators around the world. As of the end of November, the number of users is over 10 thousands. ...

Cnet Japan 12/13/2011 [jp]

  • Tokyo-based similar crowd sourcing translation service, myGengo raised $5M in this September. Along with recent fundraising of Crowdworks, which provides crowd-sourcing of  engineering, crowd-sourcing is expected to be more popular.

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