Aug 13, 2012

Sonix, Test Automation For Android Raise Capital Aiming Global Expansion / Cnet Japan

Sonix announced allocation of new shares to Dentsu Digital Holdings. It is the first fundraising for the company. The amount is not disclosed, but said to be several tens of million yen. With the capital, it plans to strengthen development and marketing to accelerate global expansion.

Sonix is well known in Android development community to provide open source software and library for Android. For the finance, UI test automation service for Android, Scirocco Cloud seems to be highly valued.

Scirocco Cloud has two advantages. One is to enable automatic UI testing using real devices, and the second is that real devices are on cloud. ...

Cnet Japan 8/2/2012 [jp]

  • Android devices are getting fragmented along with frequent updates and increasing devices. The solution would be very helpful for small and medium developers who cannot prepare large number of devices for testing. It is interesting that corporate venture fund of advertising agency, Dentsu invests in the company. What kind of synergy does Dentsu expect with the startup?

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