Aug 30, 2012

Nissay Capital Invests 80M Yen In Nagisa, Messenger App Balloon Developer / Cnet Japan

Nissei Capital announced investment of 80 million yen in Nagisa.

Nagisa develops smartphone applications such as a communication app, Balloon as well as runs advertising agency. Balloon plans to get full renewal in design and features.

Cnet Japan 8/30/2012 [jp]

  • Balloon allows users to call for free, have group chat, share photos with their friends. Since LINE dominates the message app category in Japan, it seems not easy to survive. Also, different from other message apps like LINE, Kakao Talk, or Lounge, Balloon does not add friends from users' address book, which makes harder for users who downloaded the app to start actually using. It is interesting to see how Nagisa will improve Balloon with the capital to compete in the very difficult category. 

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