May 6, 2014

[The Bridge] Japanese apartment search portal raises $1M

Tokyo-based Chintai Joho Co., the startup behind apartment search portal Cashback Chintai, announced today that it has fundraised 100 million yen (about $975,300) from Japanese investment firm Global Brain. 
Their portal allows property agents to list apartments on a pay-per-performance basis, which doesn’t require them to pay any adverting fee until a contract is made with a tenant. If you agree on a contract for an apartment via the website, some ‘housewarming’ reward money will be given to you. At this time, the property company can be notified that a deal was been made via the website, because they are billed at this time. ...
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The Bridge 4/22/2014 [en]

  • A house search service is one of the most matured market in Internet services. There are several big players including Recruit, which has been the biggest one from paper magazine era. It is interesting to see if the performance-based service can compete with the existing services.

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