May 6, 2014

[The Bridge] Japanese startup raises funding for a new kind of interactive news site

Japanese startup Byus today launched the beta version of its interactive news service. The company also announced that it has secured an undisclosed sum of funding from Venture United, Incubate Fund, and Voyage Ventures. 
The news site was initially launched in alpha version back in July. Unlike other news sites, it lets you to ask other users about a specific news topic, with an article page for every topic generated through this Q&A back-and-forth. Each article page has links to other articles for related keywords, so you can easily explore topics you like. Overall, the service helps you understand a topic in depth, not only by exploring various factual information but also by hearing the voices of others. ...
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The Bridge 4/30/2014 [en]

  • We still see new news curation services. In other words, even though several apps like Gunosy or SmartNews seem to become popular, many developers still believe that there are enough room to enter. Different from mobile games, users may not use many news apps simultaneously nor switch to other news app. So, winners would be limited to a few. It is interesting to see who will win the competition.

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