Nov 6, 2014

[Tech In Asia] Softbank announces partnership with ad tech startup Geniee

Softbank, Japan’s robot-loving telco, today announced a business tie-up with Tokyo-based ad tech startup Geniee. Starting next month, Softbank will launch a supply-side advertising platform (SSP), in collaboration with Geniee, which the wireless carrier hopes will give a boost to its internet advertising business. As part of the deal, Softbank will purchase a minority stake in Geniee that accounts for 32.9 percent of the startup’s outstanding shares. ... 
Geniee’s RTB network facilitates 20 to 30 billion impressions per month – by processing a mind-boggling one trillion monthly bid requests. ...
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Tech In Asia 10/14/2014 [en]

  • Existing investors who have invested from 2011 to 2013 include Gree Ventures, Yahoo Japan, and Opt, an online ad agency. Geniee seems to have a clear strategy to have a capital alliance with Internet related companies who could bring clear business synergy.

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