Jun 25, 2010

Agoop bakcs up Softbank group with GIS/GPS solutions

Founded in 2009, Softbank group company, Agoop provides unique solutions such as Agoop Mobile and Agoop Data. Agoop Mobile streamlines operations of sales and field support with mobile devices. Utilizing GPS and GIS, it allows sales or filed service person to input and share information promptly. This service is used by Softbank Mobile allowing field support person to recognize the other places to visit for maintenance on map of mobile devices in real time. Agoop Mobile works on various platforms such as iPhone, Windows Phone, Android and iPad. Different from similar services, Agoop Mobile has a lot of features such as cutting out useless data, which comes from know-how of Softbank group.

Agoop Data allows users to estimate population distribution by time line. The data was originally developed in order to decide where to set up base stations of Softbank Mobile.

BCN Bizline 6/24/2010

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