Jun 22, 2010

Venture investment decreased by 40%

Venture investment from major 20 VCs in 2009 was 63.7 billion yen, which is significant decrease by 40% from the previous year. Nikkei conducted a survey to major 20 VCs. VC investment dropped by half of 2007 with 139.5 billion yen.

Drastic decrease of IPO accelerated to set up funds in Asian countries and regions such as China and Korea. SVI Holdings which established funds in Vietnam and Taiwan increased investment in overseas to 13 billion yen making double as 2 years ago. Overseas investment from the major 20 VCs share 40% in 2009, which was 30% in 2007.

Taking the trend into consideration, Japan Venture Capital Association signed an agreement with Korean VC association about cooperation in such as information disclosure of startups.

Most of VCs expect improvement in 2010, but it will not be a drastic increase and the number of IPO is expected to be around 30 or 40, which was 19 in 2009.

Nikkei 6/22/2010

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