Sep 2, 2010

5 Large Internet companies invest 68b yen for M&A

Large Internet companies such as Rakuten and SoftBank are increasing investments for M&A. A total amount of capital for M&A or venture investment from dominant 5 companies until August is around 68 billion yen, which is more than triple of the last whole year. (2 billion yen)

Rakuten has spend 46 billion yen for online shopping services in US and Europe. It far exceeds 12 billion yen of last year. While, SoftBank invests over 16 billion yen for Zynga Network and Ustream in total. CyberAgent plans to invest in five startups including social networking services and mobile software developers. DeNA and GREE each set up a several dozen yen of fund to invest in startups.

Nikkei 9/1/2010

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