Sep 13, 2010

Mobile SNS market will be 260 billion yen in 2012

ICT market research firm, Info-Sharing Business Institute, published a research report, in which it predicts that mobile SNS market will grow dramatically.

In the report, the market size of mobile SNS represented by Moba-ge-town and GREE is estimated to be 68.4 billion yen. Advertising is 23.7 billion and paid service/contents is 44.7 billion. It grows to reach 257.7 billion yen in 2012, with 38.7 billion yen of advertising and 219 billion yen of paid service/contents.

Another interesting research is that iPhone related market (device, telecommunication service, and applications) is estimated to be 120 billion yen in 2009, which grows to be 880 billion yen.

WirelessWire News 9/13/2010

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