Sep 3, 2010

Allied Architects launches coupon group buying mall site, Sina Jina

Word of mouth marketing service, Monipla operator, Allied Architects launches Sina Jina, which is a shopping mall of coupon group buying service. The service differentiates with other Groupon-model services by introducing shopping mall system in which user companies open up their store.

At the launch, retailers dealing with such as beauty goods, house-hold goods, and foods open stores and after the end of September, a service categories such as restaurants and hotels will participate.

It has two types of services, one of which is called "premium time-sale" following usual group buying services, and the other is "premium coupon" which provides users who propagate coupons with new discount coupons. The system enables stores efficient promotion activity by targeting users with strong word-of-mouth influence to communicate coupon information by sending email letters.

Internet Watch  9/3/2010

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