Dec 2, 2010

[Asiajin] Startups 2010: CyberAgent Ventures Announces To Invest In Five Tech Start-ups

Asiajin 12/1/2010
CyberAgent Ventures, an invest arm of Tokyo’s web business conglomerate CyberAgent, previously known as CyberAgent Investment, announced today the result of Startups 2010 or their program digging up hidden tech start-ups from Japanese market. Five teams were chosen to be financially and physically supported by CyberVentures in the program.
The teams chosen in the program are:
TechMonkey: develops “Loca-Tomo”, a location-based avatar training game app.
Food Foto: provides a service that allows you to share updates with your friends about what you’ve eaten at restaurants and what you’ve cooked.
Mind Palette: develops Snapeee, a picture-based social network having the feature of decorating user’s snapshots.
Tori ningen (meaning ‘bird man’): develops smartphone/tablet education apps for children.
Jipanglish: operates a language learning platform for allowing users to master English in a short time.
CyberAgent Ventures’ “Startup” program has been an annual opportunity for tech start-ups to apply, but there will be two periods a year since the next edition which is scheduled to due next March.

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