Dec 20, 2010

e-book distribution system provider, Media Do partners with CCC /

Culture Convenience Club (CCC) and Nagoya-based e-book distribution platform operator, Media Do announced an alliance regarding e-book contents procurement and private brand contents development. Also CCC announced that it reached agreement on investment in Media Do.

CCC sells 90.7 billion yen of books and magazines at TSUTAYA, its franchised stores, and operates e-commerce site, TSUTAYA Online selling books or entertainment contents.

Media Do is a startup company providing contents distributors with services centered around its originally developed digital contents distribution platform, Contents Aggregation System (CAS). CAS allows users to unify management of  handling copyright, digitalizing contents, calculating, charging, and attracting customers. The system is adopted with Docomo Market Book Store of NTT Docomo and Softbank Book Store of Softbank Mobile as an e-book distribution system. 12/20/2010

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