Dec 15, 2010

KDDI distributes music in Asia by acquiring KKBOX based in Taiwan /Nikkei

KDDI agreed on acquiring 76% share of KKBOX, Taiwanese music distribution service provider. KKBOX distributes music for devices such as smartphone and PC in Taiwan and Hong Kong. With the affiliation, it accelerates expanding Asia such as Japan, China, and Singapore from next spring.

The deal is considered to be around 5 billion yen. KKBOX has 7 million users in Taiwan and Hong Kong. It distributes popular music from Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Japan and Korea for smartphone, mobile phone, tablet devices, and PC through Internet. Different from iTunes or LISMO of KDDI, which lets users to download music, it distributes music on servers by streaming using cloud computing technology. In Taiwan, it allows users listen to music as much as they like with 149 Taiwan dollar (415 yen) per month.

Nikkei 12/15/2010

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