Jan 21, 2011

d-worx launches application log analysis service for iPhone/Android /@IT

d-worx announced that it adds smartphone application analysis service to "wellout", access log analysis service for mobile phones.

wellout smartphone apps analysis is a cloud model service which provides 18 kinds of reports such as usage trend and device information of multi-applications. The service allows customers to use the reports for improvements of applications or effect measurements of sales promotions using the application.

Its usage trend analysis lets customers measure a number of usage or time spent by tracking and analyzing activation and termination of the application and button clicks. In addition, it offers pathway analysis which analyze transition of users in the application.

It also provides various device information from OS, language, and device model to network status of users such as wireless LAN or offline.

@IT 1/20/2011

  • There are few access log analysis service for smartphones except FEYNMAN's dodaii, which is more like a platform including billing and sales report functions in addition to log analysis.  

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