Jan 20, 2011

Yahoo Japan launches "Yahoo! Loco" integrating local information /TechCrunch jp

Yahoo! Loco includes map, train line, traffic information, local information, gourmet, telephone directory, coupon and others. The service will be provided on PC as well as mobile and smartphone.

At Yahoo! Loco, local businesses are allowed to have their own web page. Until now, businesses like restaurants, beauty salon or healthcare can have paid-for web pages, but those will be integrated into two plans, free entry plan and paid standard plan with 36,000 yen of annual charge.

Currently Yahoo! has 26 million users and 1.7 billion PV from these local services, which is expected to be increased, Yahoo Japan said.

Also it plans to provide advertising combining users' interest and place by integrating Yahoo!'s interest match and AdLocal, location-based ads operated by Cirius Technology which Yahoo Japan acquired last August.

TechCrunch Japan 1/20/2011

  • Yahoo! is No.1 site on desktop PC, but mobile seems the key for success in location-based service.
  • Yahoo! does not have such a dominant position in mobile as well as Google. Still there may be plenty space for other service providers including startups.

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