Sep 28, 2011

Milog Releases Audience Targeting Ad Technology, AppLogSDK /Milog Press Release

Android application information analyzing technology provider, Milog released AppLogSDK, which enables to distribute targeting ads based on application usage information on Android devices, allowing Android application developers in Japan to embed. It plans to open the SDK to foreign developers as well after November 2011.

Milog pays monthly commission proportional to a number of installs of an application which deploys AppLogSDK to the apps developers.

Milog partners with mediba for ad network service aiming global expansion centered around Asia.

Milog Press Release 9/27/2011

  • mediba is a subsidiary of KDDI selling ads on KDDI au's portal sites and also operating ad networks for mobile. In July 2011, It acquired Nobot, Japan's number two smartphone ad network operator.

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