Sep 22, 2011

Trend Creates Raises 55M Yen /Venture Now

Trend Creates, web site developing and system integration company, raised 55 million yen from an individual investor and others for incremental development of its operating Recipe & Deli. ...

Recipe & Deli mainly targets housewives and working women placing around 1500 recipes supervised by Tsuji Gakuen, cooking school, with tables of ingredients. It also allows users to post their original recipes. It has 60 thousands of UU and 700 thousands of PV last month.

It plans to allow users to order ingredients in recipes in the future.

Venture Now 9/21/2011

  • CookPad is a very popular recipe sharing service in Japan with over 1 million recipes posted by users. It is interesting to see if Recipe & Deli will succeed combining recipe information and commerce of ingredients.

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