Jan 31, 2012

IMJ Organizes Breakthrough Camp by IMJ / Cnet Japan

IMJ and IMJ Investment Partners will organize Breakthrough Camp by IMJ as a new initiative to invest in and support promising startups and pre-starups. It will be implemented by the cooperation of Yuji Akaba of Breakthrough Partners, who organized Breakthrough Camp 2011 held in the summer of 2011 to achieve great results.

In order to create global startups from Japan, the program invests five million yen in each team and provides support for service planning, management, fundraising, technology support, and 24 hours dedicated office for free. In addition, it provides a great deal of human resource, knowledge, and engineering resource which IMJ group possesses to support startups to succeed. ...

Cnet Japan 1/30/2011 [jp]

  • IMG provides various range of web marketing services such as development and operation of web and mobile sites and contents creation. It just formed IMJ Investment Partners in the last December.
  • The program seems similar to other incubation programs such as CyberAgent Ventures' Startups, Open Network Lab, Movida Japan, and NetAge. The main difference would be that it runs the one-month program for four times a year.  

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