Jan 16, 2012

Social Lunch Operator, SyncLunch Raises Capital /Cnet Japan

Social Lunch allows users to interact with each other using lunch time. An operator of the service, SyncLunch announced fundraising from NVCC, KDDI, and Industrial Growth Platform, Inc. The amount is about 32 million yen.

Social Lunch launched on 2011 October and it has about 20,000 members. ...

With this announcement, it also starts accepting a subscription for a new service, Social Lunch for University. The service is a University student only version of Social Lunch which plans to add authentication by email address from University in addition to current Facebook account. ...

  • Social Lunch is one of teams in the first batch of KDDI Mugen Labo and selected as the award winner of the program.
  • http://www.social-lunch.jp/

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