Jan 12, 2012

Realworld Announces GAYAP Allowing To Exchange Points With Android Apps / japan.internet.com

Realworld operates PointExchange which allows users to gather points by online shopping or answering to surveys and to exchange the points with electronic money or goods. The company will utilize the knowledge acquired by operating PointExchange to provide GAYAP with which users can exchange points they earned at various we services partnering with GAYAP with paid Android apps. ...

The company is currently recruiting apps developers and publishers. After gathering a certain number of the partners, it will launch the service for consumers and provide a dedicated app.

japan.internet.com 1/11/2011 [jp]

  • Android apps are more difficult to sell compared to iOS apps. Some service are appearring to support monetization of Android apps recently such as reward ads by Metaps. But it may be the first service to link with a loyalty program.
  • http://www.gayap.jp/

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