Jun 27, 2012

Hyper Internets, Crowd Funding CAMPFIRE Operator, Raises Capital / Cnet Japan

Hyper Internets, an operator of social platform, CAMPFIRE which gathers fund and supporters to launch projects such as art or product development, announced allocation of new shares to East Ventures, paperboy&co., and VOYAGE VENTURES. The amount is around 50 million yen. It is the second fundraising round following 26 million in June, 2011. ...

CAMPFIRE has had 160 projects gathering 58 million yen in total since the launch a year ago. Among them, about 80% of the projects are realized raising 47 million yen. ...

Cnet Japan 6/27/2012 [jp]

  • Several crow funding services emerged in 2011 in Japan such as READYFOR, Green Girl as well as CAMPFIRE. They have not yet had so much traction as Kickstarter in US. It is interesting to see how CAMPFIRE will boost the business with the fundraise.
  • http://hiinc.jp/

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