Sep 4, 2012

Hapyrus Raises 50M Yen From Investors In US And Japan / Cnet Japan

Hapyrus announced fundraising about 680 thousands US dollars from 500 Startups and others.

Investors include Archetype, CyberAgent Ventures, and individual investors such as Shogo Kawada (co-founder of DeNA), Kiyoshi Nishikawa (CEO of NetAge), Gen Miyazawa (Yahoo Japan).

Hapyrus is a technology startup providing browser-based analysis platform for large scale distributed data on cloud. With this capital, it plans to accelerate development of the current service, Hapyrus, as well as to invest in a new service development.

Cnet Japan 9/3/2012 [jp]

  • Big Data is becoming one of the hot topics in Internet industry, however there seems few startups in Japan providing Big Data related service. The founder team is Japanese, but they established Hapyrus in the US. It may be faster to launch the service in the US than in Japan. 

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