Sep 6, 2012

With 6.3M "Like", Tokyo Otaku Mode Fundraises From Digital Garage, 500 Startups, And Others / TechCrunch Japan

Tokyo Otaku Mode is known as a startup promoting Japanese otaku culture to the world, but it has only existed on Facebook Page boasting over 6.3 million "Like". ...
It is still active mostly on Facebook Page, but its original web site was launched for beta.

The startup, Tokyo Otaku Mode announced fundraising from Digital Garage's investing arm, DG Incubation as well as GaiaX Global Marketing & Ventures, angel investors including William Lohse, Christine Herro, and 500 Startups, which invested before as well. ...

The investment is done with convertible note and the amount is not disclosed.

TechCrunch Japan 9/6/2012 [jp]

  • On its Facebook Page, Tokyo Otaku Mode posts photos and illustrations related to Japanese anime and manga. It is interesting to see how they monetize the popularity on Facebook in the world.

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