Oct 23, 2012

DeNA Launches comm, LINE-Like App Appealing High Quality Communication / TechWave

Mobage operator, DeNA launches LINE-like messaging app, comm on iTunes App Store and Google Play.

comm is a communication app allowing users to chat with stamps or emoticons and free voice call. It seems similar to LINE of NHN Japan, however it appeals high quality of the voice call as well as features which LINE does not have such as sending messages to non comm users and sharing and tagging photos. ...

TechWave 10/23/2012 [jp]

  • Yahoo Japan just announced partnership with Kakao last week. LINE seems dominant of the market with over 30 million users in Japan, but Yahoo and DeNA may consider there are still opportunity to win the market. LINE tries to compete with Facebook by adding time line features, but it does not seem so successful. comm may be able to differentiate with its simple interface and high voice quality. Also these messaging app lets users to upload address list to automatically add friends, which makes easy for users to switch services. Lock-in effect of messaging apps might be lower than we think.
  • https://ssl.co-mm.com/pc/

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