Oct 25, 2012

Social Game Developer, gumi Opens Office In France / Invest In France Agency

gumi, developing and operating social games, decided to go to Paris, France for the first branch office in Europe.

The company was founded in June, 2007 to launch real-time social networking service for mobile and then developed its business centered around mobile games and applications. Its game titles are explosively popular in Japan from its launch.

For global expansion, gumi has already entered in Korea and Singapore, and it aims to expand its mobile contents for online platform in European market. ...

Invest in France Agency 10/24/2012 [jp]

  • gumi operates mobile social games for both feature phones and smartphones mainly on GREE, which is one of its share holders. It raised 2 billion yen from several VCs last December.
  • http://gu3.co.jp/

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