Oct 18, 2012

InnoBeta Raises Capital From MOVIDA To Launch UI SCOPE, Remote Usability Testing / Venture Now

InnoBeta revealed 5 million yen of fundraising from MOVIDA JAPAN with Convertible Notes. InnoBeta was founded on August, 2012. It applied the second batch of MOVIDA SCHOOL and then reached to the finance. ...

UI SCOPE, a remote usability testing service, which was launched on 17th this month, is a crowd sourcing service which shoots monitors gathered on the web site using a smartphone app and provides a client with the video and survey. It costs 3,000 yen per monitor and the company delivers the result within three hours at shortest.

Clients input items to test and questionnaires and choose monitors. It is available to view the test result anytime on the web site. The service allows clients to complete the procedure on the web from order, testing, payment, to delivery.

The company gives out dedicated web camera and pay points equivalent to 500 yen per test. ...

Venture Now 10/17/2012 [jp]

  • Testing service targeting smartphone app developers is becoming hot recently. Usability testing would not be so big market, but definitely the market needs will increase. A concern from client side may be the quality of monitors. The startup has to give out the dedicated web camera which would limit the number of monitors and they may become different from average users because they would get accustomed to the testing soon. But still it is an useful service for most of developers to test quickly.
  • http://uiscope.com/

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