Nov 25, 2013

Real Estate Portal, O-uccino To Be Listed On Mothers / Venture Now

Real estate information sites operator, O-uccino will go to be listed on Mothers on December 11th.

O-uccino was established in April 2003 as Home Advisor. In addition to a portal of newly built condominium, HomePLAZA (now called Shinchiku O-ucchino), which was launched in April 2004, the company runs various portal sites for selling and buying real estate, reform, and rent. From November 2011, it unified brands into O-uccino and changed the company name as well.

The revenue ending December 2012 is 1.4 billion yen and the net income is 120 million yen.

Venture Now 11/11/2013 [jp]

  • There are many real estate portal sites in Japan including listed large corporations such as Suumo by Recruit, Sumaity by and Home's. Start-ups such as Ietty are also increasing recently. It may be still not efficient enough to find a home for most of people. There would be opportunities for innovation in the area.

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