Nov 25, 2013

[The Bridge] Japan’s Toyro brings life insurance online, raises funds from CyberAgent Ventures

Toyro, a startup which operates an online insurance products platform called Insnext, announced that it has raised funds from CyberAgent Ventures, a figure in the tens of millions yen. 
Toyro is a startup founded by former members from Zynga Japan. They have formerly launched comap, a curation service based on location information. Their mission was to fill people’s information gap in some way, and after researching many industries, they found that a particularly severe information gap in the life insurance and pharmaceutical industry. 
One of the more interesting functions provided on Insnext is a life simulator. Users enter their annual earnings, their amount of savings, and how many children they have. Then a projected chart of their future savings and some financial advice will appear, as well as their expected lifetime earnings and expenses. In addition, insurance services needed to prepare for potential risks will also be displayed. And on the next page, users can compare different kinds of life insurances.  ...
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The Bridge 11/22/2013 [en]

  • There are many life insurance comparison sites in Japan. Some of them have simulation features. It is interesting to see how Insnext will beat existing services in the crowded market.

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