Nov 25, 2013

Web conferencing, V-cube Goes IPO On Mothers / Venture Now

TV and web conferencing solution provider, V-cube is accepted for IPO on Mothers market. The planned date is December 10th.


V-cube was founded in October 1998 as V-cube Net. It became a corporation in 2001 and changed the name to V-cube in 2002. ... Currently it has 8 subsidiaries overseas centered around Asia to provide web conferencing system to companies, educational institutes, and governments.

The latest revenue ending December 2012 is 1.95 billion yen with 126 million yen of net income.

Venture Now 11/5/2013 [jp]

  • A web conference solution is not a new area and strong competitors including Cisco's WebEx exist. But along with speed up of mobile network, its use cases will be broaden. It may be a good timing to go IPO to accelerate the expansion.

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