Jun 6, 2014

Kaonavi Raises 100M Yen From Daiwa PI Partners And NVCC / Venture Now

Cloud-based human resource management service, Kaonavi announced about 100 million yen of fundraising from Daiwa PI Partners and an existing investor, Nippon Venture Capital. ...

Kaonavi is a human resource management system to allow placing the right people in the right jobs and also to train people. It uses face photos as an icon, which enables to recognize, evaluate, select, and place human resource intuitively. ...

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Venture Now 5/30/2014 [en]

  • Its customers include many Internet companies including startups from CyberAgent, Voyage Group, NHN to gumi and Sansan. There may be not a few cloud based HR management services, but the customer base is one of the great advantages of the startup because these Internet companies are increasing human resources rapidly.
  • http://www.kaonavi.jp/

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