Jun 6, 2014

[The Bridge] Japan’s English learning platform provider Rarejob files for IPO

Tokyo-based English learning platform Rarejob has been approved for an IPO on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers market today. 
Since its launch back in October of 2007, the company has hired native speakers (mainly students from high profile universities in the Philippines) as English conversation teachers who instruct Japanese students over Skype. As of last August, the company had provided over 10 million lessons to over 200,000 Japanese users. ...
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The Bridge 5/23/2014 [en]

  • There are many English lesson services using Skype, but Rarejob may be one of the first one in this field. It is interesting to see if the IPO makes Rarejob the runaway leader, or there are opportunities for the rest competitors to catch up and even overtake.
  • http://www.rarejob.com/

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