Jun 30, 2014

[The Bridge] Japan’s restaurant reservation platform company Toreta fundraises $2 million

Tokyo-based Toreta, the startup that provides the reservation management system for restaurants, announced today it has raised 200 million yen (about $2 million) from Silicon Valley-based investment company WiL (World Innovation Lab). 
Since its launch in December, the company has acquired more than 1,000 restaurants as users. The service’s monthly charge is 9,000 yen (about $90) a restaurant, so its easy to figure out how much money they are making every month.
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The Bridge 6/27/2014 [en]

  • As mentioned in the article, it would become interesting if the system integrates with restaurant search services like Tabelog. On the other hand, these services may be able to provide their own reservation system to thousands of restaurants which are already their customers. Solutions for restaurant industry are increasing along with smartphone (mainly for customer side) and tablet (mainly for restaurant side) penetration. It is very interesting to see who will win the fierce competition.
  • http://toreta.in/

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