Jul 22, 2010

10 companies including ACCESSPORT and EC Navi founded apps platform, aima

ACCESSPORT, EC Navi, NEC Biglobe, Seesaa, G-PLAN, Chance It!, Chobirich, Netmile, UNITCOM, and Runsystem announced "aima", application platform to share Web-based games and social applications. By developing a platform shared among 10 companies, it aims to compete with 3 major SNS, mixi, DeNA, and GREE, all of which have own application platform.

When developers of games or social apps register their apps on aima, the apps are to be provided on each web site of 10 member companies. Developers do not need to customize apps for each web service.

70% of revenue from apps on aima will be paid to the developer, while the rest is to be divided among 10 companies.

Nikkei 7/21/2010

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