Aug 25, 2011

All Coupon Japan And TV Tokyo Broadband Entertainment Have Capital Alliance /Cnet Japan

TV Tokyo Broadband Entertainment takes 9.2% of shares of All Coupon Japan. The amount is not disclosed.

With the investment, both will jointly launch group coupon aggregate site in September. The site provides original coupons centered around travel and gourmet run by TV Tokyo Group. It also plans to link the service with TV program.

All Coupon Japan is an aggregate service of group coupon service in Japan. It started as a service of Cybridge, and spun off in 2011 to become All Coupon Japan. ...

Cnet Japan 8/25/2011

  • News about group coupon services have decreased drastically these days. Two largest services, Groupon and Ponpare take huge lead against others using tons of mass advertising. Alliance with TV station would have great potential.

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