Aug 10, 2011

Opt invests in MCN, mobile advertising agency to get into mobile marketing in ASEAN /Markezine

Opt has a capital alliance with MCN Asia Holdings to jointly develop mobile marketing market in ASEAN. Both companies aims to partner with mobile operators in ASEAN as well as provide services from mobile ads related solutions to ads sales such as mobile search ads, SMS ads, and in-apps ads.

MCN Group owns original search engine solution and is the only mobile ads platform which has partnership with Thai three largest mobile operators.

Markezine 8/5/2011

  • Opt is the second largest Internet ads agency in Japan and actively invests in startups recently such as Milog.


  1. There is huge development and expansion in this market, not only in Japan but across the world. There seems to be a whole host of mobile advertising agencies springing up with advertisers and businesses more and more willing to invest their marketing dollars into mobile media.

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