Aug 24, 2011

Klab goes IPO on Mothers at September 27 /Cnet Japan

Klab was accepted for IPO by Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers market. It plans to be listed on September 27th.

Klab was founded as an R&D division of Cybird on 2000 January and became a corporation on August of the year. The company developed elemental technology for mobile phones at first and then jointly with telecom careers planned and developed service for mobile phones. Currently it focuses on providing social applications.

The annual revenue ending August 2010 was 2.95 billion yen and the operating income was 150 million yen.

Cnet Japan 8/23/2011

  • Klab provides social games for three largest platform in Japan, Mobage, GREE, and mixi.
  • It is the first IPO of a mobile social game developer and several other developers are expected to follow.

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